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Are you a joy seeker?


Our mission is to inject colourful stories into your everyday life and the spaces you love. We believe that colour creates connection and patterns tell stories. Together, they can elevate the senses.

In other words…they bring Joy.

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we create bespoke pattern designs + decor


Put simply, we are visual story-tellers, inspired by nature, travel and this beautiful world we inhabit.

Vibrant colour palettes and bold patterns that burst with personality, optimism and energy are what gets us going.

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we march to
the beat of our own drum…

We strive to create designs that are eclectic, contemporary, long-lasting and not according
to fluctuating trends.

Sound like your jam? Then let’s be friends.

Refreshing, rooted in an Indian ethos, international in appeal and applicable to a varied aesthetic from footwear to wallpaper, upholstery to makeup referral, fabric to poster design.
— Wendell Rodricks, fashion designer

Meet diya

Graphic & Textile Designer, Diya, is the Founder & Creative Director at Salsa Verde Design.

Born in India and raised in Belgium, India, Nepal and Germany, her love affair with colour and patterns began at the age of three, thanks to a box of Crayola crayons and a mini orange kaleidoscope.

She has worked in fashion, carpet manufacturing and advertising and has experienced commercial success early on in her career, including producing rug designs for Designer Rugs and Tappeti, book cover designs, as well as being featured in Design Quarterly Magazine.

Her diverse professional experience, combined with her high attention to detail and excellent eye for colour and design, makes Salsa Verde Design a unique platform to put her creative and technical skills to use.

Salsa Verde’s signature eclectic style captures her love of vibrant palettes, intricate layers and contemporary aesthetics.