How it all began

Think of a salsa and you immediately think of a vibrant medley of flavour and texture ━ spicy, sweet, fresh, zesty or piquant ━ and bursting with colour and personality. 

We’re all about the zing and zest of a good salsa . . . with a bit of verde for balance. 

SALSA encapsulates my life experiences, my multicultural upbringing.” 
It represents the diversity and complexity of cultures, people and ways of life that have shaped who I am as an artist and designer.

VERDE symbolises roots and our need for balance.”
It represents my values and moral code. Those core values that keep me grounded and true to who I am.

━ Diya {Founder + Creative Director, Salsa Verde Design}

Meet diya

Meet Diya ━ a graphic artist and surface designer & the Founder + Creative Director of Salsa Verde Design.

Diya’s love affair with colour and patterns began at the tender age of three, thanks to a box of Crayola crayons and a mini orange kaleidoscope.

A mixed media graphic artist + surface designer, Diya’s work begins with hand-drawn sketches and paintings which are then digitised to create vibrant print and pattern collections. Her artistic style is bold and energetic, detailed and intricate, and bursting with colour. 

Born in India and raised in Belgium, India, Nepal and Germany, Diya’s eclectic style reflects her love and passion for nature, colour, cultures and connection. These key values form the foundation of Salsa Verde’s philosophy and aesthetic.

In 2012, Diya graduated with a Bachelor of Design, with majors in Graphic and Textile Design, from COFA, UNSW. She has worked in fashion, carpet manufacturing and advertising and has experienced commercial success early on in her career, including producing rug designs for Designer Rugs and Tappeti, book cover designs, as well as being featured in Design Quarterly Magazine..


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